STAMI Distinguished Lectures

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The STAMI Distinguished Lectures host prominent speakers for one or more lectures on the Georgia Tech campus in cutting-edge areas of research within the scope of the Center for Organic Electronics (COPE), the Community for Research on Active Surfaces and Interfaces (CRĀSI), the Georgia Tech Polymer Network (GTPN), and the Soft Matter Incubator (SMI). The goal of the STAMI Distinguished Lecture Series is to foster contact, discussion, and eventually interdisciplinary research amongst the various researchers in science and engineering on the Georgia Tech campus.

The STAMI Distinguished Lecture

  • The STAMI Distinguished Lecture is given by a preeminent speaker once per year on research that encompasses areas of interest of the STAMI Community: COPE, CRĀSI, GTPN, and SMI. The Distinguished Lecture is STAMI's most interdisciplinary Lecture given by a speaker with a track record of highly successful and impactful research. The speakers will often discuss their scientific philosophy and  methodology that has allowed them to achieve seminal breakthroughs in challenging fields.

The STAMI Distinguished Lecture Series

  • The STAMI sub-centers COPE, CRĀSI, GTPN, and SMI will each host about two lectures, or sets of lectures, per year from speakers that have achieved prominent research results largely within the areas of interest of the respective STAMI sub-center, but often the research will be interdisciplinary between more than one STAMI sub-center and/or other research within the larger Georgia Tech community. Each Lecture, or the penultimate Lecture in a set, will be proceeded or followed by a reception for the speaker to foster discussion with Georgia Tech faculty and networking with students.

STAMI Seminar Series

  • On occasion, STAMI sub-centers will host speakers conducting impactful research closely related to research within the sponsoring sub-center. These seminars are intended to give researchers within the sponsoring sub-center a chance to hear state-of-art results in the fields and to foster collaboration with research programs outside Georgia Tech.


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